Global Gestalt Community

The Gestalt community spans the globe! Below are some of the many opportunities to connect with international Gestalt practitioners, training centers, and conferences.

There are a number of Resources available from the Resources Tab including a list of Gestalt therapists, useful links to the the global Gestalt Therapy community, and various publications.

There are many Gestalt training centers in the US and worldwide, a biannual conference with AAGT, as well as EAGT.

AAGT: Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy — International

  • Bi-annual conference is scheduled for May 17-22, 2022 in Ireland. 
  • Listserv 
  • Interest Groups — AAGT offers its members a variety of interest groups, allowing for connection, support, communication, and resource sharing. These groups communicate via listservs and meet face to face via Zoom. Interest groups include: Child and Adolescent, Gender, Sexuality, Diversity and LGBTQIA+, Research, Trainee & Newly Qualified, White- Identified, and People of Color.

New Gestalt Voices — The idea for New Gestalt Voices came out of a meeting of Gestalt therapy trainees and recent graduates in the UK during summer 2016 with the desire of how they can support each other as trainees, and how they draw support from the profession to unlock the potential of the next generation of Gestaltists.

Frontiers of Gestalt Seminar Series

Humans of Gestalt

Gestalt Therapy NetworkExtensive bibliography, Gestalt practitioners worldwide

International Organizations

Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy

European Association for Gestalt Therapy: Accredited Training Programs

Gestalt International Study Center, Cape Cod, MA.

Istituto di Gestalt Italy

Gestalt Australia and New Zealand (GANZ)

U.S. Organizations by State (there are more)


Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles

Gestalt Institute of San Francisco

Pacific Gestalt Institute


Gestalt Institute of New Orleans

New York

Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy

New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy

New York State Office of the Professions

North Carolina

Appalachian Gestalt Training Institute


Gestalt Institute of Cleveland


The Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh

The Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Gestalt Center

Other Gestalt-Related Links

The Gestalt Therapy Page

Gestalt Publications

Gestalt Review

British Gestalt Journal

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