Annual Intro to Gestalt Therapy Weekend

Every year, the Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia offers an introductory experience in Gestalt Therapy Theory.

The 2021 Intro to Gestalt Therapy Weekend is scheduled for Saturday, April 17, 2021 via zoom. The brochure for 2021 will be available and posted in March, 2021.

Excerpts from 2020’s Intro to Gestalt Therapy Training:

Creating Connection in a Disconnected World: An Introduction to Gestalt Therapy


Gestalt Therapy Theory is a pioneering approach to human wellness and potential with roots in Eastern philosophy, existentialism, and psychoanalysis. For over 50 years, Gestalt therapy has offered an embodied, experiential, and relational theory and practice, all of which current research suggests is pivotal for creating lasting emotional change.

Gestalt means “of the whole,” and the Gestalt therapy approach does not divide body and mind but rather invites us to experience ourselves — our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations — as we relate to each other, ourself and the world around us.

Gestalt Therapy Theory extends beyond the realm of interpersonal relationships and includes our participation in the social, political, economic and racial forces in our world. We aim to heighten awareness of our social location so that we can deconstruct that which is fixed and habitual, including the forces of white culture.

With its emphasis on embodied awareness and present-moment experience, Gestalt Therapy Theory promotes lively, intimate and vivid dialogue that allows us to meet through difference, as well as similarity.

This introductory weekend workshop will allow participants to gain a taste of Gestalt Therapy Theory and an opportunity to experience the theoretical concepts in action. There will be mini lectures, demonstrations and experiential exercises.

We welcome people from all professional walks of life. Experience as a psychotherapist is not required. GTIP training is personally life enhancing and has been helpful to a variety of professionals, including bodyworkers, lawyers, personal coaches, yoga teachers, doctors and business professionals, among others.

Come join us as we create connection, experience ourselves more deeply and learn about this still radical approach to connection and healing.

Obtain a taste of what occurs in our Three-Year Training Program at this Introductory Workshop. The next class begins in September 2020. Applications are now being accepted.

The workshop will provide participants the opportunity to:

  • Learn how your history, culture and social location (including experiences of oppression and privilege) are embodied;
  • Observe Gestalt Therapy Theory as therapists employ it in live therapeutic sessions;
  • Learn how to integrate affective, sensory, cognitive, interpersonal and behavioral awareness into powerful and effective contact-full interactions;
  • Understand Gestalt therapeutic interventions that enable change to happen; and
  • View different styles used by Gestalt therapists and learn how to adapt those styles to your own personal relationships and professional work.

Fees: $99 Tuition | $20 CEU preparation