Train With Us

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if only we can come to our senses and feel it.
— Elizabeth A. Behnke

GTIP invites you to do just that: Find it. Feel it. Listen to it.

We do this by having you experiment with coming forward, withdrawing, taking up space and holding space, all in the here and now.

Our graduates really say it best:

“Here I am, and now isn’t just a quote. It’s a way of life. I notice an ease of being and resilience that is less dependent on circumstance and more on embodiment when in contact with the difficult field.”

And counterintuitively … “After most training programs you celebrate all of the knowledge you’ve accumulated from your professors and the cutting edge research you’ve read. GTIP works in reverse. Admittedly, we did do a lot of reading, but the path to a Gestalt diploma could only be traveled by each of us turning inward and forgetting everything we thought we knew. Then, we had to look each other in the eyes, risk vulnerability and exposure and begin to walk together with curiosity and compassion towards an unknown destination. After the first bewildering weekend, one of my classmates asked for the handbook for getting through the Gestalt program. That’s when we learned there wasn’t one.”

Train with us and “experience the wild and nontraditional ways that people heal and come to know themselves better, stronger and gentler.”

The Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia offers a core three-year training program and professional development events focusing on the theory and practice of Gestalt Therapy.

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