Our Mission

Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia (GTIP) supports people fully engaging with themselves and their worlds, through emotional healing and authentic connection across the richness of our differences. Gestalt Therapy Theory is offered through the training programs and workshops. We invite psychotherapists, lawyers, teachers, medical providers and those working in the corporate and nonprofit sectors to learn the theory and engage with us in our intentional community-building. Our graduates are connectors, problem solvers and healers.


GTIP is aware that, regardless of our social location, we all live with the legacy of oppression across race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability and other social identities. We aspire to train, collaborate and learn with those who have been historically marginalized. The GTIP Board of Directors, Directors, Faculty and Supervisors are dedicated to creating a training institute that fosters a sense of belonging for our current and future trainees. Since disconnection from the self and others may be a contributing factor in many of the social ills of our times, we believe that GTIP graduates who embody these core values, along with a social justice lens, have the potential to help our society heal and grow.


The belief in social justice is a part of the legacy of Gestalt Therapy Theory. At GTIP we aspire to hold ourselves and our community accountable to this core value. Therefore, GTIP is committed to reveal or expose microaggressions and challenge personal assaults in all of our programs and practices. We strive to use our Gestalt Therapy Theory and skills in ways that disrupt relational reenactments of oppressive powers. Our commitment to diversity and equity is manifested in every aspect of our programming — from recruitment and financial support of trainees to curriculum development and training facilitation.

Statement of Equity, Justice and Inclusion

October 2018 (Written by trainees)

GTIP commits to being a community that respects and affirms people of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, nationalities, geographic origins and immigration and socioeconomic statuses. 

We dedicate ourselves to building and sustaining a community that celebrates diversity and inclusion: a culture that challenges discrimination.

As we participate in GTIP, we recognize that we each bring our growing edges. 

We all move closer to our own whole selves by creating greater contact and connection with each other in the field. 

By examining and supporting our curiosity about each other and being genuine to our own experience, we recognize our responsibilities and gain the opportunity to live in the here and now.

As we fall short of these ideals, we commit to hearing each other, learning, holding our community accountable and effecting change.