H. Nellie Fitzpatrick (they/them), Esq.

Board Member

About Me

Nellie Fitzpatrick is an experienced trial attorney and founder of the Fitzpatrick Firm, LLC.  Focusing her career on helping people who have been injured, abused, assaulted, neglected, harassed or discriminated against navigate the civil and criminal legal systems, Fitzpatrick has helped her clients achieve justice, obtain compensation and move towards closure through exercising their legal rights.  Fitzpatrick deeply believes that every individual is unique in their legal and holistic needs and works to center her clients above all. 

Fitzpatrick served for six and a half years as an Assistant District Attorney for the City of Philadelphia, spending the majority of her career as a prosecutor in the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, prosecuting rape, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and child abuse (physical and sexual) cases. In addition to her responsibilities as a prosecutor, Fitzpatrick served as the LGBTQ Liaison to the District Attorney’s Office for the last 3 years of her career with the Office. She has worked closely with the Philadelphia Police Department to strengthen ties between police and the LGBTQ community by fostering mutual respect and understanding. The Gotta Go! Guide, an interactive, Google Maps-based guide to gender-neutral bathrooms across the city was created by Fitzpatrick to help trans and gender non-conforming people locate a bathroom they can use without fear or anxiety of gender policing or violence (no longer maintained by the current administration). In October 2015, Fitzpatrick was instrumental in creating and championing legislation requiring all single-stall bathrooms in Philadelphia to be gender-neutral. Philadelphia’s City Council unanimously passed the legislation.

In addition to GTIP’s Board, Fitzpatrick has also served on the Board of Trustees for the Philadelphia Prison System, on the advisory board of Center City Crime Victim Services, and PHL Diversity Advisory Board.