To learn more about the Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia’s leadership, visit the Changes in Leadership page. Get to know our board and faculty members.

GTIP Board of Directors

Kelly Davis, Esq.
Janine Fields, LCSW
H. Nellie Fitzpatrick, Esq.
David S. Henrich, LCSW
Valerie Kellom, LCSW
Ginny McIntosh, LCSW
Kenneth Peeples, LSW
Deone Powell, Esq.
Michael Tyler Ramos, LCSW
Mary Lou Schack, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Kelly Kampf, LCSW

Dean of Students

Intissar BenHalim, LCSW

Dean of Faculty

Karen Ginsburg, LCSW

Operations Manager

Laura Henrich