Marta Ludwig, LCSW

Faculty member and a member of Curriculum and Faculty Development and Appointment Committees

Educational Background

BA in social sciences and education, with minors in sexual education and family therapy. Masters in Social Sciences and Masters in Social Work. Advanced post-graduate trainings in Gestalt Therapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and EMDR.

Professional Experience

I have a full-time private practice in Narberth. In addition to being a faculty at GTIP, I also teach at Bryn Mawr College Counseling Center and starting this year at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. I also have a deep appreciation for the healing traditions of indigenous cultures. I’m committed to doing the work pertaining to dismantling White Supremacy and Patriarchy.

About Me

I was born in Warsaw, Poland to a family traumatized by the Holocaust. Furthermore, I spent the first ten years of my life living in the Communistic country. Then things changed overnight and eventually Poland joined the European Union and the country transformed again. I think those experiences made me acutely aware of the impacts of bigger societal structures and intergenerational trauma on the psyches of individuals. I spent most of my twenties teaching and extensively traveling the world. After I engaged in my own healing process, I decided to train as a therapist. I moved to the United States in 2009, and since then I have enjoyed doing the work of healing on an individual and collective level.

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