Laura Hawley (she/her), LCSW

Adjunct Faculty Member

Educational Background

BA English, MSW, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, MBSR, GTIP 2019

Professional Experience

Acupuncture, Community Mental Health, lead Mindfulness groups, full-time private practice. I facilitate a group for hospital clowns.

About Me

A citizen of Philadelphia for over two decades, I spent most of that time practicing acupuncture before returning to social work and becoming a psychotherapist. I’m a 57-year-old queer woman, white and able bodied. I love to kayak and walk in the woods. I grew up with privilege, much of the time in Asian countries with my family, through the foreign service. I have something like ADD, and as a creative adaptation, tend to be on time. I am studying IFS and Insight Dialogue these days. I am interested in how Gestalt Therapy Theory overlaps with other modalities. While I don’t have a formal meditation practice, I have had transformative experiences on retreats. I’m committed to work that supports justice, equity and inclusion. My wife is a high school art teacher. She and I have a chosen family and are loving grandparents. In my spare time, I do political work, make art and cultivate my friendships. Play and humor are essential to me. I miss seeing people’s faces on the bus.