Faculty members at the Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia are committed professionals with an understanding of the theoretical foundation of Gestalt Therapy Theory and clinical applications of the theory in experiential training groups and teaching settings. At GTIP, we are committed to gender expansiveness and inclusivity and include pronouns in our introductions and signatures. For more information, visit www.mypronouns.org.

To learn more, visit individuals’ faculty biography pages (linked on this page) and GTIP’s Leadership page.


Karen Ginsburg
Cathy Gray
David S. Henrich
Jennifer C. Jones
Valerie Kellom
Marilyn Lammert
Marta Ludwig
Ginny McIntosh
Cindy Orns
Mary Lou Schack
Janneke van Beusekom

Adjunct Faculty

Randy Baird*
Doug Graiver
Kelly Kampf
Sarah Mello*
Maria Munoz-Grandes
Robert Pileggi


Rachel Allender
Hilary Bayley-Loielo
Deb Callahan
Barbara Conrad
Hilary Cooke
Mowie Freeman
Laura Hawley
Ania Kubin
Charlie May
Lisa Pozzi *
Robyn Smith
Alisa Stamps
Joanna Vanore
Karen Wallace-Braun
Monika Wysong

* Denotes faculty who serve as Group Process Facilitators. They are responsible for co-creating a training environment supporting personal and professional growth for trainees, participating in preparatory meetings with faculty before weekend training sessions and attending bimonthly meetings with faculty and supervisors.