Changes in Leadership

A Message from our Board of Directors, June 30, 2021:

This has been quite a year for GTIP — for the first time we did the training program entirely online and found a way to stay connected. Much of this was possible because of our hard working faculty, group process facilitators, supervisors and operations manager, as well as our dedicated trainees. Yet none of this would have been possible if we did not have the leadership of Jennifer Jones as our Executive Director and Kelly Kampf as our Associate Director — they were a dynamic duo and accomplished so much over the last year.

Sadly for us, Jennifer has decided that it is time for her to leave GTIP after first joining us as a trainee in 2005. She became a supervisor during the 2011-12 academic year, and a faculty member shortly thereafter. Jennifer has left her mark on our curriculum by bringing back the Sexuality class and developing the Socially Constructed Identities in the Field course. In January of 2020, Jennifer took on the role of Co-Executive Director and in July of 2020, Executive Director. She has been the only person of color in each of her roles, quite difficult and often exhausting. She has been admirable in both her mission to expose and interrupt ongoing practices of white privilege at GTIP while also developing Gestalt Therapy Theory to include issues of social location and intersectionality. Jennifer has inspired the Community Meeting Planning Committee to provide programs delving into how white privilege and racial trauma lives in our bodies as well as our souls. She has been a mentor to all BIPOC community members.

Jennifer has been an inspiration to our white community members, challenging us and bringing increased awareness of our patterns of racism. Without Jennifer’s perspective, guidance, and patience, we wouldn’t have grown in these pursuits. Her inspiring leadership has provided us with a unique and profound experience. At GTIP we commit to continuing to decenter whiteness; to refrain from using the power of supremacy when we are challenged and feel uncomfortable. I have no doubt that many of us will continue to hear Jennifer’s voice as we work to know our own biases, to pay more attention to the impact of how our ignorance creates harm to marginalized groups and communities. In addition, GTIP has become a more organized and professional training program under her leadership. We will miss her greatly and wish her well in her new endeavors.

We are both proud and feel fortunate that our Associate Director, Kelly Kampf, LCSW, has agreed to become Executive Director, effective July 1st. Working hard as Associate Director this year, Kelly has proven her capability, dedication and ingenuity. She has accomplished a great deal by working with the Marketing Committee to complete the new website and by leading the Fundraising and Marketing Committees to create and expand our social media outreach. These efforts resulted in our setting and exceeding the $50,000 fundraising goal for 2020 and a June Pride Fundraiser to raise another $10,000. Her leadership in the Programming Committee will allow us to expand teaching opportunities creating programs outside of GTIP in this next year. She helped write our first ever grant application and hopes to work with the Fundraising Committee on many more. Kelly knows our mission and is dedicated to our current emphasis on recruiting people from the African Diaspora to train and ultimately supervise in the program and grow to become faculty members. She provided leadership and guidance to form and serve on our Change Team. She will work with an Academic Director (soon to be hired) who will oversee the 3-year training program. Having seen what Kelly accomplished this past year, the Board is confident her leadership will help us continue to meet our goals and further our mission. 

Jennifer Jones and Kelly Kampf have had a very successful year at GTIP. They have packed this past year with positive developments, such as: recruiting a diverse class of 15 students for the upcoming training year, recruiting more faculty and volunteer supervisors, teaching virtual Workshops and hosting virtual Neighborhood Gatherings to rave reviews all year long, and diversifying and expanding the Board of Directors to 10. Jennifer Jones and Kelly Kampf have done a dynamic, thorough, and inspiring job as directors. We know that Kelly has the ability and the commitment to keep us on the path towards justice.

We ask you to join us in our excitement by welcoming Kelly as Executive Director! 

Thank you for reading this long letter. And please know that your support, whether it be through volunteering, a financial contribution, or referring trainees to the program is very important to us and our mission. We could not do it without you.

Ginny McIntosh, Acting Board Chair on behalf of GTIP’s Board of Directors

Board Members

Michelle Burnett
Kelly Davis
Janine Fields
Nellie Fitzpatrick
David Henrich
Valerie Kellom
Virginia McIntosh
Kenneth Peeples
D. Deone Powell
Mary Lou Schack