Offer a Workshop

Are you interested in partnering with GTIP to offer a Workshop or a Neighborhood Gathering? The first step is completing our Workshop Proposal Form. Our Operations Manager and Programming Committee will coordinate all of the details to ensure a successful experience.

Workshops are open to the public and take a deep dive into a particular aspect of Gestalt Therapy Theory and can be offered live in half-day, full-day, or weekend-long time blocks. GTIP also offers presenters the opportunity to develop self-paced, pre-recorded courses.

Neighborhood Gatherings are for our trainees, alumni, and friends. They are an opportunity to gather together in an informal way to learn how Gestalt Therapy Theory intersects with a variety of topics allowing time for (re)connection. Tuition is free. CEUs are offered for a small fee.

We partner with presenters by offering a 60/40 split for live workshops. As a workshop facilitator, you receive 60% of gross receipts. GTIP creates marketing and promotional materials, sends email blasts, posts on social media to advertise the event, coordinates registration and payments, and awards CEUs. We also oversee the accounting, mandatory sign-in and evaluations. Technical support is available, if needed.

For self-paced, pre-recorded courses, we partner with presenters by offering a 50/50 split which covers the following: recording the lectures, editing the course videos, uploading all course materials (videos, handouts, etc.) to our website, awarding CEUs, creating marketing and promotional materials, sending email blasts, posting on our social media to advertise the course, and accounting.

Past topics for Workshops and Neighborhood Gatherings have included: Navigating Ethics and Boundaries in the Clinical Relationship, Gestalt 101, Trans Allyship Through a Gestalt Lens, The Use of Humor in Gestalt Therapy Theory, Gestalt & Psychodrama, Yoga & Gestalt, Presence & Awareness, and Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy.