Gina Rothermel (she/her), LCSW


Educational Background

  • MSW Temple University
  • EMDR Trained

Professional Experience

I started my career as a social worker in Philadelphia, initially working with adults living with HIV/AIDS. After finishing graduate school at Temple University and receiving my Master of Social Work degree, I began working with children in the foster care system. Much of my professional career has been working with non-traditional families formed through foster care and adoption. Many of my current clients are teens or adults who were adopted, individuals or couples who have chosen to adopt, or first parents (biological parents) who chose adoption for a child.

About me

I’ve always been drawn to and count myself among people who experience not quite fitting in. Through therapy I strive to help people find and celebrate what makes them unique and to find strength in their difference.  My identity as a white, heterosexual, cisgender woman who is married and a stepparent plays a role in our work together.

I’m also an animal loving vegan who grew up on a farm. Some of my favorite things to do are traveling, walking for miles around the city or on a trail, and connecting with people through our life stories. I share these things about myself so we can potentially explore how our social locations, experiences and interests impact our therapeutic relationship.

I provide psychotherapy to adults and adolescents through a Gestalt, feminist, holistic and relational orientation. I am fully trained in Attachment-Focused EMDR therapy and completed a three year training program at the Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia.  I primarily practice through a Gestalt lens. Mindfulness and Somatic (body) awareness are also incorporated.

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