Change Team

GTIP’s Change Team is a working committee whose overarching goal is to provide momentum for anti-racist organizational development and equity for training program participants. Its membership intentionally includes cross-racial community members with intersecting social locations. Not only does our focus lie in Racial Equity, it includes Gender Equity as well.


The Change Team’s purpose has four components. These may evolve over time:

  • To explicitly identify barriers in the current structure of GTIP that interfere with implementing an equitable mission that is affirming of and centers on diverse communities, particularly those historically or institutionally marginalized;
  • To recommend strategies that address these barriers, including trainings, curriculum and scholarship development, affinity group work, etc. as well as recommending a timeline for implementation;           
  • Work in partnership with the Organizing Committee and Board of Directors to implement these recommendations; 
  • Develop a transparent and known process of how to address and repair the harm that arises from inequitable practices or microaggressions.

We seek individuals to join us with:

  • A willingness to be an active agent of change and hold responsibility for carrying out the Change Team’s purpose
  • An interest in or experience with identifying and challenging policies and practices that have led to oppressive engagement
  • Thoughtful ways to engage with other Change Team members who have different communication styles and perspectives and recognize and elevate others’ strengths
  • The ability to use their voice to recognize and model vulnerability as strength and a necessary part of doing this work
  • Thoughtfulness about their own identity/ies, how these may confer or be devoid of certain privileges, affect, perception, beliefs, and values

Our Change Team

Janine Fields, LCSW
GTIP Board and Graduate

Valerie Kellom, LCSW
GTIP Board, Faculty Emeritus

Christine Manturuk, ATR-BC, LPC
GTIP Graduate

Marwin Margolies, LCSW
GTIP Graduate

Jessica Ortiz, LSW
GTIP Graduate

Anemone Schlotterbeck, LSW
GTIP Trainee