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  • Gestalt Therapy Theory breaks the mold. It can be bold, tender, powerful, embodied, unabashedly affirming, passionate, spacious, creative, confused, accountable, and heartfelt. It can be an unapologetic stand for the wild and nontraditional ways that people heal and come to know themselves better, stronger, and gentler.

  • Gestalt Therapy teaches relational skills that make relationships stronger, connection deeper and gives the individual much more power to create the relationships we all long for. I now see the world through a Gestalt lens, which means I have an awareness of myself that I otherwise wouldn’t.

  • I’ve noticed a lot of changes in myself and my relationships after finishing GTIP. I grew in a multiplicity of ways as a part of the program–in my skills as a clinician, my awareness of my own stuck places in interpersonal relationships, my capacity to risk my own defenses and position to make authentic contact with another.